Friday, June 02, 2006

Each one on his own road

Akash : Kitni khoobsoorat jagah hai!
Sameer : Hmmm. Beautiful.
Akash : You know what, hame har saal me kam se kam ek hafte ke liye Goa aana chahiye.
Sameer : Definitely! Kyun Sid?? Hey Sid kya soch rahe ho??
Sid : Dekh raha hu wo jahaz, jo zara der baad dikhai nahi dega. Jante ho hum tino us jahaz ki tarah hai, jo aaj nahi to kal apni apni manzilon ko dhundte hue niklenge. Aur ho sakta hai, hamari manzilein alag alag ho.
Sameer : Tu ye sab kyun keh raha hai meri samaj me nahi aa raha. Hum dost hai, zindagi bhar ke liye.
Sid : Ofcourse hai!! Lekin kiski zindagi kise kahan le jaati hai kya pata? Kabhi socha hai?? Har saal yahaan aana to ek taraf, 10 saalon me milna bhi mushkil ho jayega!!

And thus went the conversation between 3 friends Akash, Sameer and Sid in the cult hit Dil Chahta Hai.

When I first heard this dialogue, I thought it was good, but a bit dramatic. 5 years down the line, I feel there is nothing remotely dramatic about it. Its pure fact. Bitter to digest, yeaah, but a fact. And offlate, I keep drawing parallels in my life.

2001. The year I started my engineering life. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of relationships. The only thought on my mind back then was to study hard n get done with the 4 years.

Its 2006 now. And the above attitude has definitely changed. I am a changed person. 4 years, 8 semesters and then 8 months in job. Like 8 wars fought and still standing strong. 4 years have passed by in a jiffy. Now when I see things from Sid’s perspective, I realize that whats said in his dialogue is indeed so profound!

Five years back I along with several of my school friends joined engineering. For 4 years now, we have been together
copying assignments,
proxying attendance,
bunking lectures,
teasing the hell out of each other,
getting mad at each other,
abusing boring profs and their equally torturing lectures,
sharing lunches,
passing crappy comments from the last benches,
promising treats on clearing all subjects before results (ofcourse, giving none later),
giving actual treats on birthdays and independence day (last day of written exams),
trying to get our dream gals (and without doubt, falling flat on our faces), cursing the Director of the college for crappy attendance schemes and stupid restrictions during fests,
dancing our hearts out during the Informals event (during college fests), preparing wildly for each presentation,
banging our heads during project days,
helping each other (in our typical styles) with pre exam blues,
supporting and comforting and motivating each other whilst vivas,
studying our butts out for exams and having a BLAST post exams!!

And now all this is over!

Of course we are in touch now and will remain always. Thanks to the advances in science and technology, the world has become a smaller place. But nothing like being together as we were in college. Nothing like arriving in college together and spending almost half of the day in our second home.

One day whilst working on our project, one of my close buddy and me were talking about life after college. He said, “Now we are so occupied man. We are so busy. What is going to happen after college ends?? I mean we are going to be so bored. Even though the college work is like hell, still it keeps us together all the time and we work, we fool around and have a blast! How boring life is going to become post college man!!” so true!

Like DJ says in the latest blockbuster Rang De Basanti,

“Gullaboo, ik din ye sab nahi rehna hai. Fir to sab life de isharo pe nachte jayenge. College ke gate ke is paar hum zindagi ko nachate hai, aur gate ke us taraf, life hame nachati hai!”

Bottomline is : Each one on his own road!!