Thursday, May 17, 2007


I enjoyed these lines and thought of sharing the same with you all....

You come to me from the darkness
With no voice, but many a word
You help to fill these empty hours
With friendship that's unheard.

Although sometime I cant hear you
I can see your caring soul
And thank you for the times we've shared
Into my heart you stole...

So take these words of friendship,
With my thoughts and hold them near
Cause friends like you are hard to find
And very, very dear....

It is for you all ... my dear friends. Life would not be same without all of you...
Gaurav Aggarwal..... Geetanjali...Srishti..... Gauri.... Gaurav Luthra.... Garima.... Girish... Gurpal..... Ratika..... Ankit... and many more....

Have you noticed that most of them are G's :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rahul Dravid -- 'The Logical Wall'

People asking why Sehwag is in the team..? and everybody knows becoz of Dravid. I will tell you the logic behind Sehwag inclusion in the team.

Generally, a weak player will be under scanner (right now sehwag is under scanner). After Sehwag's name, next name comes Dravid who is not performing well (either cap or player). If Sehwag is removed then next name is Dravid who will be under scanner. So, Dravid knows very well that as long as Sehwag plays Dravid is safe.... This is called logical wall...

Thanks to rain God now the ODI series is over. :)