Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Put 'me' first

I recently realized that life does not have to be this complicated. It is like that because that’s what we make of it, we are so busy worried about what people think; we are worried about our responsibilities towards our parents, our kids, our spouse etc that we have forgotten how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We forget to put ourselves first. Friends, love etc have taken a back seat to what society demands of us.

I have realized that when I am happy my behaviors towards the people who are linked to me is different. After all how can I be sweet to anyone when I feel deprived? How can I love the world when I don’t feel loved?

‘Put me first’ is my new motto. If you don’t have time for me, no problem! I have lots of time for myself and I will use it doing the things I love doing and generally making myself happy.

My destiny is in my hands and its time I started shaping it.