Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Put 'me' first

I recently realized that life does not have to be this complicated. It is like that because that’s what we make of it, we are so busy worried about what people think; we are worried about our responsibilities towards our parents, our kids, our spouse etc that we have forgotten how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We forget to put ourselves first. Friends, love etc have taken a back seat to what society demands of us.

I have realized that when I am happy my behaviors towards the people who are linked to me is different. After all how can I be sweet to anyone when I feel deprived? How can I love the world when I don’t feel loved?

‘Put me first’ is my new motto. If you don’t have time for me, no problem! I have lots of time for myself and I will use it doing the things I love doing and generally making myself happy.

My destiny is in my hands and its time I started shaping it.


Anonymous said...

Liked your attitude.... :)
Keep it up

Gaurav Aggarwal said...

Very Well said Bro. but I have a difference of opinion here as Thinking of yourself,putting yourself first is good at some times but it only gives the materialistic happiness,we can only feel the real bliss by giving others,doing something good for others without letting them know that you have done this for them and also as sacrifice is the true form of love so keep on doing good for your loved ones without putting yourself first.
I know that it may sound Irrational to some but this is the truth that we have to accept.

Gauri Khare said...

:)Tired of giving seems so , why dont you start sharing no giving no taking just share ..its always better to choose a middle course..

Sudeepti said...

hmmmm... some revelation you had :)
well... i find it a bit of extremism i mean no one just "gives" there's a sense of purpose we derive from each relation we give in... if it was so unconditional as it's said to be... nothing would frustrate us enough to crave for our own space... i think what one truly need to do is be honest to himself/herself and know very clearly why are they doing what they are doing...
btw... nice blog :)
take care