Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year -- Time for resolutions

In 2007 I resolve to:
- Save money!
- Clean my closet… and not wait for spring.
- Stay at home whenever I am in Home .
- Exercise regularly!
- Be nice to people, even the one’s I can’t stand.

In 2007 I resolve not to:
- Watch more than 2-3 movies a month.
- Be rude to people.
- Have impossible crushes!
- Over work myself and be mindful of the fact that there is life outside work.
- Eat junk, but eat a whole meal.

Making a lot of resolutions so that I can keep atleast some of these.:D

Looking back

Looking back when I think of my childhood, I feel those were the best days of my life. I was so happy, playful and so innocent. Life was so easy too...studies and games, life revolved around those mainly.I enjoyed my studies, loved my school and scored the highest...what more could i ask for. Well, i did ask for somethings occasionally...i wanted to grow that i wouldn't be scolded anymore, so that i would have a say too,on where to visit during family trips and most of all i wanted to become a fine engineer.
Time passed and soon i was no more a child. But along came the responsibilities, the realisation of harsh realities and a few broken dreams in the path of life.And soon enough a realisation dawned on me. I felt life always look at its best in retrospective.
When we are little ones... we dream of growing up, when we are at college.. we dream of passing out and getting jobs, when we are single.. we dream of meeting our dream persons, when we are married..we dream of being parents, when we are parents..we dream of seeing our children reaching new milestones...and so on life goes on.

Then one fine day when we are old, and we look at our old photo albums and think of those old memories..we wish..we could have it all back..we wish we could go back and be a child once again, we wish we could be young and carefree once again....and hence Life always looks so pretty and nice in retrospective. We live on each day, and the feelings and emotions which come along do not jolt us enough as they do when we look back and find them locked in our memories...Life! Oh what a strange Life..!