Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year -- Time for resolutions

In 2007 I resolve to:
- Save money!
- Clean my closet… and not wait for spring.
- Stay at home whenever I am in Home .
- Exercise regularly!
- Be nice to people, even the one’s I can’t stand.

In 2007 I resolve not to:
- Watch more than 2-3 movies a month.
- Be rude to people.
- Have impossible crushes!
- Over work myself and be mindful of the fact that there is life outside work.
- Eat junk, but eat a whole meal.

Making a lot of resolutions so that I can keep atleast some of these.:D


Sunny Kollu said...

Hi Gaurav,
Thanks for the good words...will keep posting more of it..just gone through ur website ..seems u r a software engineer..

Sunny Kollu said...

Gurav Luthra....He is famous in our college :)..So which comp did u work for in Hyd?chalo then have fun @office..