Friday, November 16, 2007

Make a difference

After long break I am here again with some of my thoughts. We all have read/hear this thought and somewhat way we appreciated it also…
“Measuring our life by, what others do for us, may disappoint us. But if measured by, what we do for others, will add meaning to it. Make difference in others life.”

Have we ever think more than our expectation……..answer comes yes & no, am not pointing anyone but I am just evaluating myself…..I feel blessed to have nice family loving parents & caring brother. Last week during free hours I was thinking that we feel happy when we get the treatment we want and when things would not, we feel sad/unhappy. What my concern is why we have limited ourself in such boundaries?? Because what are our expectations would not be satisfied 100% when it is incomplete you may not feel that peace, these will brings complains and stressed into you. But if you think other way; what you did for other, even if you have not did all your attempts then also you will get the satisfaction of doing something for someone. That will give you satisfaction of your being on earth and this will give opposite person a sign of support & care that someone is there for him/her when they need.
You & I are small human being not a great saint, do at your level and feel the difference in other’s life as well as in yours. Nothing much but internal peace in soul will surely comes……..I experience this and share with you.
Wish you all the happiness & peace

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