Friday, June 22, 2007

May I know the answer!!!!

Yesterday I asked my cousin brother what his dream.........
He replied "to be very rich"

Its not an odd answer even if you ask anybody - what their dream?
answer is invariably-
Great career success
Good at work and liked by colleagues....
list goes on mostly on the professional frontier
Why we don't have goals like
I want be a great brother
I want to be a great sister
I want to be a great husband/Wife
I want to be a great father/mother
I want to be a great lover
No consideration for emotions
Why we don't have any personal goals in life
We have goals which are totally professional?

Please let me know the answer.......


Gaurav Aggarwal said...

Haanji Sir Great blog but i must say that nobody gives due importance to the true emotions in this materialistic world and that is my experience and may be u also know it very well.

Gaurav said...

Haan bhai sahi likha hai.....but I must say that there are only few left who can understand emotions in this materilaistic world..and that is what according to my experience....and may be u also feels the same.......