Monday, January 30, 2006

Apni to paathshaala, Masti ki paathshaala


Its one of those movies that carry a subtle message and goal us to dig a little bit to find it and imbibe it. Taking a shot at the politicians, the movie allows us to take cue from great, extra-ordinary giants of our glorious past. And while doing so, it raises ordinary men and women out of the crowd, for the crowd, for something which we never cared or gave a damn to. But who is then to take care of that something, if we are not? Who’s gonna wear Saffron?

A beautiful take on the prevailing sociological aspects which is done in a subtle manner and it’s done well. I hope it is successful – the take on the matter that is, coz am sure the movie’s gonna be successful.

Though I am tempted to put about what all’s there in the movie but then it will be bad of me to let the cat out before any of u may go and watch the celebration of life for yourself.

Celebration of life? Yes, though the movie hits hard where it could pain a lot, it celebrates the phenomenon called life and the value of life. The use of life. It’s meaning. The choice between easy and the right. The choice between being an onlooker and being a part of it for the good of it.

It attempts to give an answer to the great giants that assured us a future. It attempts to search for alter-egos of those giants who set standards in living life – well, in celebrating life. In donning the saffron.

It attempts to call on us to don the color of saffron. Will you? Will we?

Do we have among us, today, a reflection of our giants?

I loved the movie – not because its shot in Delhi, not because I can relate myself to one of the protagonists but because it indeed colors u in saffron – the color of Joy and sacrifice both.

Rang de basanti chola

Mera, rang de basanti chola,

Maye, rang de basanti chola.

OR if u want it the latest way,

Apni to paathshaala,

Masti ki paathshaala

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