Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cricket 2005 Awards

2005 has gone and it is time to relook at the whole year and give some awards to those who really deserve it.

Playing Truant all through the year : You guessed it right. No scope for argument here. The gold medal here goes to Dada.

Foot in the mouth champion : Who else but Kiran More. No need to explain why he is getting this.

Quote of the year : “Sourav is selected as all rounder and hence we decided not to select Zaheer”

Groundsman of the year : Prabir Mukherjee – for preparing a green top at Edens for the ODI against SA.

Newsmaker of the year : Well ! The honor goes to Sourav. Pages and pages of newspaper columns, blog after blog (even something as strange as 'I hate sourav'), hours of panelists pouring over for and against opinions and even figuring in corporate case studies of the firm run by Harsha.

Most sportive crowd in a cricket ground : You guessed it again. It is the Eden crowd that choose to cheer SA rather than India.

Master planners of the year : The BCCI brain wave that scheduled a Chennai ODI during rainy season and as if not to be outdone by this smart move, then shift the 3rd test venue to the 1st test venue so that falls right during hurricane season.

Most Consumer friendly : TNCA refusing to refund the money back to ticket holders who hardly saw a ball bowled for over 4+1 days.

Outsmarting rivals : The two rival groups in Delhi cricket associaton – one puncturing the sight screen tires and the other removing some useful screws from the Supper Sopper.

Reenact another sport in a cricket ground : This award goes to the rival factions of Himachal cricket association – for renacting world wide boxing championship, in picturesque Dhamasala.

Spring a surprise, when least expected : Emergence of Pondicherry cricket association, during BCCI election.

Leaving things ambiguous : This peculiar liking for grey color is a common trend thro’ the corridors of the erstwhile BCCI. The award is given for the splendid act of making the whole coaching staff of Indian team work for almost an year without a contract.

Maximizer : This award goes to Parhiv Patel. He hardly did a thing worth mentioning in domestic cricket and is currently down with viral fever but is still selected for the Pak tour (he kind of re-enacted his World cup act of amazing a fortune without lifting a finger in a single match).

Swiftest act This award goes to the new powers of BCCI for sacking the 3 selectors who backed Sourav, seconds after taking over the power.

Most boring commentary team : The verbal diarrhea during the whole SL series is forcing me to give this award to entire TV commentary team.

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