Saturday, May 27, 2006

Protests Everywhere.

Just go through any Newspaper or News Channel, you cant ignore News about Protesting Indians.
Hindustan Times Correspondant Vir Sanghvi writes that Indian Loves to protest. And its true upto some extend. Some high profile protests includes Medha Patkar led Narmada Bachao Andolan in which Aamir Khan's entry has done the work of adding petrol in fire. Then 'Anti Reservation' by medical students all over the country joined By IITians also. And latest in this series include protest to Ban release of Da Vinci code.

Lathi charge on medical students in Mumbai was an unfortunate incident. But in most of the place they have right approach. Instead of shouting slogans here and there, they met the right people and when they realised that their demand didnt fulfill they go for Hunger strike.
Doctors knows very well that Government have to bend down as country cant moved forward without them.
I heard a radio show yesterday in which 3 YFE(Youth For Equality) members were participating and two things they said made real good sense. One thing is that they are not against reservation but they want the reservation to be economic need based and other thing is reservation in job Government can increase number of seats in colleges but what about job. Government cant pressurise private sector to take reserve jobs for backward class people.

It may affect you – so speak out about it.

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