Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A new day has come!

Life has not been the same for the past two months or so.
I quit my old job and got a new one.
I quit my favourite city and came to a new one too!
Yes, after years of pondering and fretting about moving out of the house and living alone for a while, I have finally found the guts and the right opportunity to move out of my home and shift from my home town to Hyderabad.
For me, moving out of home, and into a new city, where I have to adjust with a new job, make new friends, find a decent place to live, and take care of myself (food, clothing!) and keep my expenses and finances in check is a huge thing!
I have always lived a very protective, pampered life and I am sure managing everything by myself is going to come as a very rude shock to me, sooner, rather than later.
But I am excited and I am nervous. I know I am not going to find it easy to adjust to a lifestyle so different, but I suppose, it’s high time I learn to do that! Everyone I know said, we grow up really fast when we live by ourselves. And I can’t help but agree. Thinking of so many different things at once is no joke after all.
Today, its been two months at work, and well, considering I am sitting here blogging, it is obvious that I didn’t have muchwork to do.
Lots of new things are happening and lots of new experiences around too. Should be a fun few months to live through. I know it is going to suck, but I am going to love it!

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Jeff Turner said...

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