Monday, September 11, 2006

Lagey rahoo maamu :)

Yep.......this is wht i felt like saying after watching this movie.."Lagey Raho Munnabhai".There r various types of movies :cheap comedies, stupid action movies, movies that hav no reason for their creation and then their are masterpieces..those which entertain u and convey a message that sinks into ur heart..i hav rarely come across such superb ws Page 3 (simply luv this one for the truth it potrays..i ws literally clapping at the end of the mid of the hall), Rang De Basanti and then LAGEY RAHO MUNNABHAI.
The way Gandhiji's message has been embedded in such a marvellous of to everyone who ws involved in the creation of this movie.
But wht do we learn from this..does this influence our lives in any way..did i learn i wont say that this movie made a difference to my life or showed me a new direction..but it strengthened my TRUTH, SIMPLICITY AND PATIENCE.....ihav always been true 2 my parents, my frends..its been harsh..sometimes very hard.. 4 me 2 speak it..4 others 2 listen 2 it..but now i realise it worked..It really did. And i truly believe that wht mahatma said..does make a difference..yes the path is not at all easy 2 follow, but as Gandhi ji said..VICTORY IS 4 SURE.

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