Monday, January 02, 2006


A man was walking along a road...till he comes to a fork.
One road leads to safety...the other to death.

Each road is guarded by an elf...a set of identical twins.
One twin ALWAYS says the truth...the other ALWAYS lies.
We dont know which twin is guarding which road.

The man is permitted to ask any one twin only ONE question...and save himself,
and choose the road to safety.

What would be the one question the man would ask...and save himself??

Readers...if any of you know the answers...could you guys
please hold your horses??

Will post the solution later in the day.....meanwhile ....hope you are
getting your thinking caps on??

Here cometh the SOLUTION guys:

The man walks up to any one twin...he still doesnt know who is who...asks...“If I asked your twin brother which is the road to safety, what wd he say?“

FUNDA: Supposing the twin addressed is Mr Truth...he will point to the road leading to Death coz he knows his brother always lies.

Supposing the twin addressed is Mr Liar...he ought to point to the road to safety...but u see...he always he too will point to Death.

If the man sorts this out...he takes the other road to Safety!!

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