Monday, January 02, 2006

The Year that saw Tomorrow

The Year that saw Tomorrow Every year has a signature. And 2005 saw entertainment
turn interactive.

Small-town India’s untapped energy and suppressed ambitions
suddenly burst forth on small screans like Janet Jackson’s you
know what.

Programmes such as Indian Idol and fame gurukul turned viewer
into real articipant observers.

Thanks to moblile phones,the new empowered audience could
make or mar a contestant.

Ask Ludhiana’s former house painter –turned-singer Ravinder Ravi
who now charges over 50000/-.

But the audience is not changing other’s life only.

It was getting a slice of the money pie as well.

For millions, shows like KBC AND DIAL ONE AUR JEETO
held out that one despaprate chance to stop bothering about the
money pay cheque.

Operation majnu has scarred Meerut.

Multiplexes are the new entertainment parks for lovers who
don’t even dare speakto each other bin public .

On weeday afternoon , the nearly empty auditoriums often
turn into loveseats where teenagers do what the hormones
ask them to.

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