Friday, March 10, 2006

Board Examinations And Suicide.

I read it in newspaper few days back that a boy of class XII committed suicide because he could not handle pressure. He thought he would flunk again like last year and therefore, he ended his life. This is nothing new for any of us. Everyday we find such news in the newspaper. Every year such suicide rates increase but I wonder why?

I feel that taking your own life because you cannot handle pressure is the worst thing one can do. Who gives us the right to hurt our parents like that. When people die like that, we cant even imagine how their parents will live rest of their lives. They live like dead people. Noone can even imagine the agony they face. On top of it all, they keep blaming themselves for their children's action. When children succeed, then they are so happy and for the world, the children succeed because they had it in them. So, when children commit suicide, they did not have it in them, it is not your fault, parents.

I think one should always learn to fight the pain. Committing suicide is no solution to anything. Do you think you have any right to take your life just like that? Who gave you that right? Your mother who kept you in her womb for nine months and then went through the entire pain of conceiving a child? Or your father who spent his entire earning to give you a better future? Or your loved ones who loves you for what you are and not for what you could be?

Your parents do not only love you when you succeed in life, they love you still when you fail,

Your parents do not only love when you come home with a trophy, they love you when you come home empty handed,

Your parents do not only love you when you earn money, they love you when you dont,

Your parents do not only love you when you bring fame to them, they love you even when you bring disgrace to them,

Your parents do not only love you in your thicks, they love you equally in your thins!!!!!!

We should never forget this..............

No matter what people may think about us, no matter what we might do, no mtter how rude we become to them, they are the only one in this entire world who will still love you unconditionally and noone gives us the right to end our lives because we are not happy with it. Our life is just not ours, we owe it to our parents and the only gift that we can give to them in their entire lifetime is being their children always. This much they definitely deserve.

If you feel you have no meaning to life, then talk it out. Seek help. Go to a counsellor. Speak to your friends. Tell them what is really affecting. Try changing things around you but most importantly seek help. Dont just end your life like that. Please dont.

If after reading this, I am able to make even one person realise that it is wrong to end their life, I shall feel that my life was worthwhile.............

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