Friday, March 10, 2006

Out of the box thinking

Out of the box thinking is the oft repeated sentence,you come across this jargon from most of the so called management gurus.....and also the bosses who have attended those innumerable management seminars......but no one has any clue of inculcating this in India where we are conditioned to follow a set path.The set path starts from the very childhood....kindergarden,LKG,UKG,school...attending tution classes...TV viewing in the evening...some enterprising parents take their kids for either swimming or tennis coaching...thus school days pass of..I am not including the out of box frolicking with the other sex in this blog..then joint entrance exams..entry in some professional college...those who dont get into these colleges go for degree courses in science or arts ...barring for a few who dont appear in these entrance exams but the majority of those who score good mark they follow this route...then a professional course and land up a job via some interview..the conditioning started at an age of 3 and completed by the time he or she is 21/22 yrs of age.Now in the job this person has to do out of the box thinking and be innovative....thats a tall order...Our definition of the out of the box thinking is that I must do better than my neighbour or my parents.

In this age of cubicle culture we are once again putting them in a cage and binding them by the company culture...Toyota way , GE way, or may be some other way..we are good copy master so instantaneously we follow the challenge to bring a paradigm shift remains a dream..

I read that in USA some parents have stopped sending their kids to the school...they take turn in teaching them...they take help of the community..the kids are encouraged to learn things through practicle experience and of course computer...thats a great idea...breaking the age old shackle of class room study...

I think our system of education requires a serious look......let the kids enjoy their childhood...let them be with the nature..let them mix with people of all social strata ....this will help in developing their mind and that will lead to observation power...once they observe closely then only out of the box thinking can can not be taught..

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