Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time, please....

It’s now 5:30 pm as I write this article. The clock keeps ticking, time keeps running. Day in and day out it moves ahead with one purpose in mind – to reach the next moment. Time never tires up. Time never sways from its path. Time is a great teacher, isn’t it? It teaches us never to look back – “Jo beet gayi, so baat gayi”. It teaches us a great lesson in determination and constancy of purpose. Learn from your mistakes and move ahead. Never deviate from your path. Always be aware of your target.

Time has another unique quality- it waits for none. We got to keep up with it or we will be left behind. There will be incidents which will cause a dent in our hearts; there will be times when things won’t go according to our plans. It is in these very moments that our true character is tested. If we learn to smile at troubles and deal with them with a valiant heart, we will lead a life of honour, a life of contentment; in other words, a happy life.
So whenever things go against us, we shall shed a tear, even cry our hearts out, we shall be gloomy for a while, and that’s it. If we spend too much time glorifying our sorrow, time will flee and we will spend our lives trying to catch up with it. So let’s try it friends. From now on when something bad happens we will cry, we will be sad for a while but before time goes out of sight we will be back on our feet ready to enjoy our lives once again. Even if we have a hundred reasons to smile we tend to view our sorrows with a magnifying glass and forget that life is to be enjoyed, it’s not meant to be spent in tears. So from now on we will use that magnifying glass to view our happiness instead!

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