Monday, July 28, 2008

Same Question........

.....from nowhere she sprang to the windshield of my car and started wiping the glass. i tried hard to ignore at first but couldn't. i looked at her and my hand searched for some thing to give to her instantly but i was not able to find anything to give to her . time was running out as the traffic signal seconds read 9,8,7.....then i got hold of a pen in my car . i gave it to her without thinking any further. she looked amused ,she hesitated for a moment and then she accepted just before i spode off. i looked in the back view mirror and found her looking at the pen holding in front of her eyes . just hope that one day she makes a good use of it and inspires herself to study . i just hope . i know i have done nothing for her and in those kind of fleeting moments , i will never be able to do anything except just thinking and feeling sorry for them and boring my friends on net with these posts about street children but i hope for myself that i would be able to do something solid for them , rather than just plain wish, one day.

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